• respobags is produced out of pure polypropylene basic materials, which are melted and reformed out of preused materials, and is processed to e.g. packaging foils or surgical products for hospitals. 
  • respobags is easily washable, extremely durable, and waterproofed. 
  • respobags is monopack and can be recycled completely.
  • respobags is certified as Oeko-Tex, standard 100, article 4.

recycled - we safe and use resources

raw material - 100 percent recycling



respobags is made out of pure poly-propylene recycling material. As the left picture shows, nearly everything can be turned to account.


On the right picture the pellets made out of recycling materials are visible.  Single-variety and mixed colours are produceable.

pellets for foil production

washable - laundry and surgical adhesives

surgical adhesives



respobags is produced in highest quality even for surgical use. All foils are monopacks and the adhesives are recyclable without waste.

On the right picture the heat-glue-machine is shown.


The material is washable in an ordinary household washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius. 


recyclable - we use and reuse resources

recyclable raw foil

molten bath

recycling process